Thursday, April 9, 2015


To my Institute for Madness and Chaos! I would go as far as to say that straight jackets are located in the hall closet, the liquor cabinet (for self medication) is located in the kitchen, and cookies and chocolate milk will be served promptly at 2 just after our crayons are picked up.

Truth is... if we used straight jackets no one could enjoy the mayhem. And... I don't keep alcohol in my house. And... I don't generally eat cookies and never drink milk due to allergies. However! I do keep crayons for some coloring fun.

(Stop rambling, Trina!)

Soo... the Girl and my grand-ferret Meeko are something else. The Girl almost closed Meeko's head in the fridge. Then stepped on her tail. And that's not the worst of it...

I get home from work yesterday. Find my fat pants. Open some windows for that lovely breeze. The Girl decides to leave her Easter basket, full of candy of course, on the table by the couch. Then proceeds to light the candle next to it. Meeko, being out of her cage like an ADHD free range chicken, sees the candy heaven and makes a beeline for it. The breeze hit just right through the window and Meeko went up in flame! I looked over just in time to see the flame about 6 inches high, the Girl grabbing her and trying to put her out. Thankfully, it was only Meeko's hair that caught fire and there was no skin damage. And the Girl grabbed her before she lost too much hair. I'll tell you this though, the smell of her was horrid even after a bath. Poor baby.

Other than that heart stopping moment... I found this:
Yeah, the Girl left a class of water on the table next to my bed. Meeko McStinky decided she was thirsty. I'm sure you can figure the rest out. The only saving grace for my Girl is the fact that I can still make out the pattern. Grr.

All I can say is this... Please let Thursday be better than Wednesday!

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