Thursday, May 21, 2015

I mean, really???

Who in their right mind would put "nom, nom, nom" on a pack of tissues? People are not meant to think of their boogies as nom, nom, nom. Someone in the marketing department got this one all wrong.

I did start working on a quick stitch. It's called First Star. I found the pattern in one of my cross stitch magazines. I should be done with it this weekend.
Too cute, right?

Headed to Elvis Town tomorrow. Please pray for my sanity. (What little I have is holding on by half a thread. One little twist and I'm a goner.) Traveling with two teenagers, a dog and a ferret can be slightly tricky. I may just drug them all with Benadryl and wake them up when we get there. I mean, I suppose I could give Cricket Benadryl, I've given her baby Tylenol when her RX was too much for her pain level. It works. And, if I accidentally overdose her at least she's had a good long life, right? I'M NOT BEING SERIOUS!! True I've given Cricket Tylenol, but I wouldn't just give her Benadryl. Remember... never take me serious unless I say I'm being serious... seriously.

That's all I've got.  Off to get more coffee and try to convince my cousin to FedEx me a really juicy green chili cheeseburger... now that's nom, nom, nom!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

41,360 Stitches So Far

Yup, Starry Night is 1/3 of the way complete! I think I'm going to take a break from Van Gogh and stitch something small again. I think I'm going blind from all the black, blue and green. Totally excited that I have made it this far. As Thomas says, "I think I can, I think I can."
Oh my goodness... I just now noticed that I have actually stitched the shadow of a house in the lower right corner. It looks completely different when it is all up in my face. (I can't find my glasses, lol,)

I took a day trip to Bear Paw with some friends. It was AMAZING just sitting on the lake and balcony. Lovely day, just lovely.

Upon my return from Bear Paw, I went to purchase new scissors, after Dottie destroyed my last pair. I must have looked at 15 different pair. The store didn't carry any even similar to the last pair... so irritating. However, it was a no kids weekend for this single girl... who needs food when you have wine, stitching and GoT? (Please don't remind me that I need to get a real life... I'm already attuned to the fact that the edge I'm living on is really sad. HAHA!)

Other than that, same stuff different day.

Wishing you peace, love and a fabulous weekend!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Only Me.

People often wonder why I am selectively social. Sometimes, I just don't like people. Sometimes, I  don't like me. Sometimes, it's because my brain to mouth filter malfunctions and I say ridiculousness.
Last night I suffered from a brain to mouth filter malfunction. I went to a local high school to present a couple of scholarships. I said good evening and called out the wrong school name. to which I showed my utter shock and appall :
(this was me... literally)

I brought my self back from the edge claiming that was bad and begged to not be lynched. The audience laughed when I mentioned something about losing my mind. Thankfully, I presented the two scholarships without blunder. As I said thank you, I received a grand round of applause and hastily exited stage left and straight out the auditorium door. Now the answer to the puzzle remains... were they clapping because my blunder was hilarious or were they just happy to see me leave? Let's pray it was because of being proud of the students who showed great promise and received scholarship funds.

I decided that I needed some retail therapy while driving home. I remembered that I had ran out of my 3866 thread for Starry Night. Hobby Lobby... here I come. I only spent 45 cents on the thread. That was some expensive therapy! haha.

Finally. I'm home and in my comfy clothes. I sit down to stitch. Not. My poor stitching scissors have met their demise. Dottie, the neighbor's dog that I am "babysitting" decided they would make an excellent chew toy. See... the culprit. She better know that I love her.

Other than that, it's Friday! The morning started off rough when I banged my head on the bathroom door (don't ask), I spilled half a bottle of nail polish remover (1st world problem at it's best) and calmed my neighbor as she was crying (her husband is in ICU... this would be Dottie's Mom and Dad).

The afternoon is ending GREAT as I have a banana pudding milkshake in hand, I will head straight for new scissors and a bottle of wine after work, and Starry Night is coming along fabulously! I'm pretty psyched about finishing it before I am ninety. (That just means I will have to pass away after I finish another big project... LOL... ok bad humor.)

 Alright, peeps. Shut down your computer and go do something productive!