Thursday, May 21, 2015

I mean, really???

Who in their right mind would put "nom, nom, nom" on a pack of tissues? People are not meant to think of their boogies as nom, nom, nom. Someone in the marketing department got this one all wrong.

I did start working on a quick stitch. It's called First Star. I found the pattern in one of my cross stitch magazines. I should be done with it this weekend.
Too cute, right?

Headed to Elvis Town tomorrow. Please pray for my sanity. (What little I have is holding on by half a thread. One little twist and I'm a goner.) Traveling with two teenagers, a dog and a ferret can be slightly tricky. I may just drug them all with Benadryl and wake them up when we get there. I mean, I suppose I could give Cricket Benadryl, I've given her baby Tylenol when her RX was too much for her pain level. It works. And, if I accidentally overdose her at least she's had a good long life, right? I'M NOT BEING SERIOUS!! True I've given Cricket Tylenol, but I wouldn't just give her Benadryl. Remember... never take me serious unless I say I'm being serious... seriously.

That's all I've got.  Off to get more coffee and try to convince my cousin to FedEx me a really juicy green chili cheeseburger... now that's nom, nom, nom!



  1. A green chili cheeseburger sounds amazing! Green to go with your tissue boogers LOL sorry I couldn't resist. If it makes you feel better we're going to Disneyland tomorrow from 6am Friday through 6 am Saturday lol

  2. I hope you had a blast at Disneyland! You should totally post pics when you return home.