Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meeko is a Creeper

McStinky has been staying with me for a bit. I let her out to play in the bathroom while I was in the shower. There I am shampooing my long locks of dark brown and silver, look down and who do I see... Meeko McStinky watching my every move from around the shower curtain. Bahaha. I wish I could have taken a picture, but come on now... that would have been inappropriate. I tell you what, for those creepers and demented blog stalkers out there who need therapy, I'll do you a favor. Stop imagining and just look...
Yup... muffin top and baby belly. Now move on.

I have managed to snap a few amusing photos of Meeko.

Playing in my shoes...

Stealing Cricket's bunny...

Sleeping in my coat sleeve...

Still sleeping... (But this oneis fabulous!)

Trying to get my Cheez-its! No worries, I took the bag out of the box and just let her play with the box.

While sorting through photos, I did find one more of Roscoe P Coltrane that I wanted to share:

He's such a crack head!

Anyways, There was something else I was going to tell you... Oh! The Girl and I missed having a big prom fiasco by the hair on my Granny's chinny chin chin. We found out she was going to prom on Thursday with prom being Saturday. Ugh. Her date brought her by the office Friday night. We went to the shoe store, found nothing, we went to pick up the dress 30 minutes away. She had two dresses that she borrowed, but wanted to wear the white one. We went to pick up The Boy and she tried on the white dress. It was a no go b/c her tata's were too big. So black it was going to be. (Thank goodness we didn't buy white shoes!) So, we go to the mall, find nothing, go to Waffle House and eat like pigs, and then go back to the first shoe store. The Girl starts getting huffy and puffy. She claims she's not going. Now, I've just driven over 45 miles going back and forth so I get a little irritated to say the least and tell her that she's going in a very quiet, you're in big trouble, mom kind of voice with that evil eye. The Girl then claims that she will wear her combat boots with her gown. I THINK NOT! That hit my last nerve, and over something as trivial as boots. So, what do I do? I yelled out in the store that I have just driven all over hell and half of GA and she was not leaving that f-bomb store until she found a pair of shoes. I mean really, we still had to pick up hair, nail and makeup supplies and it was already pushing past 9pm... my bedtime, need I say more. LOL. So, a little old lady stops top talk to me . She says "hell and half of GA, huh?!" I said "Yes, ma'am. I apologize if I have offended you but she's threatening to wear her combat boots with her gown." She pats me on the arm and says "I'm so sorry, dear," and walks away. HAHAHA. Thankfully, at that moment in time, I turned around and there was a pair of shoes in The Girl's size and to her specifications! Hallelujah! I think the little old lady was an Angel. We finally got everything situated and the Girl went to prom and had a blast. I hope she knows how much I truly love her.

On an ending note... Van Gogh is coming along. I'm about half way done with the bottom left corner. Go me!!!

Well... I'm off to finish my 4th cup of coffee for the day. Please pray for my sanity as it has been quite another day. Thank goodness it's Friday Eve!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Excitement...

is bubbling over. Who says the office has to be dull and boring on a Thursday afternoon?

I am proud to say that Brynnie has graduated from a Padawan cross stitcher into a full fledged Jedi. Behold... her very first project!!
Isn't Jolly adorable? I can tell the force will be strong with this one.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

F-Bomb Wednesday

Usually my Mondays are all jacked up. Not this week. Wednesday is the day that I need an EASY button for. I probably would have hit it at least a dozen times by lunch. Don't worry, the word only slipped past my lips once, the rest of the time my brain mouth filter caught it. So while I heard it, no one else did. My mom can finally say that those expensive debutante classes payed off in at least one way. I jest. Mom never put me through classes, she just whacked me upside the head with whatever she could find handy. Ok, truly, I fibbed again. The correct form of punishment would have been Samantha or Endora, I can't remember which belonged to Mom and which belonged to my Grandma. Either way... if one or the other told you go to fetch Samantha or Endora, you were already crying because you knew a wooden spoon was getting ready to connect with your tush. Haha.
Since I rambled on about punishment, I'll spare you the details for my lousy attitude.

Moving on... jelly beans = yum!

I have been working on Starry Night quite a bit lately. It's actually starting to look like something other than a haze of color.

Last weekend was good. I went to visit my 4-legged foster kids and help out with some work. I thought I was going to be in the barn, so I went without sunscreen. Big, BIG mistake. I ended up landscaping. My back is currently nuclear glow in the dark red. This week has been miserable clothing wise. Every shirt, hanging in my closet, with a tag has become my mortal enemy. And forget the loofah in the shower. I guess we all know that I will be dieing of skin cancer. Mental note made to stock up on SPF Vampire.

I feel like I am forgetting something. Way un-cool. Oh well. What can you do.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mopping with Meeko McStinky the Wonder Ferret

Really quick... while I take a small breather from multi-tasking... last night I let Meeko out to play and then finished some chores.
Meeko rather likes the broom. She chased me all over the kitchen and front door.
I was finally smart enough to catch her on video while mopping. LOL

She's so cheeky!

We have so much fun with her!

She loves to be outside too. Especially now that the weather is warmer.

I'll be back soon... XOXO

Thursday, April 9, 2015


To my Institute for Madness and Chaos! I would go as far as to say that straight jackets are located in the hall closet, the liquor cabinet (for self medication) is located in the kitchen, and cookies and chocolate milk will be served promptly at 2 just after our crayons are picked up.

Truth is... if we used straight jackets no one could enjoy the mayhem. And... I don't keep alcohol in my house. And... I don't generally eat cookies and never drink milk due to allergies. However! I do keep crayons for some coloring fun.

(Stop rambling, Trina!)

Soo... the Girl and my grand-ferret Meeko are something else. The Girl almost closed Meeko's head in the fridge. Then stepped on her tail. And that's not the worst of it...

I get home from work yesterday. Find my fat pants. Open some windows for that lovely breeze. The Girl decides to leave her Easter basket, full of candy of course, on the table by the couch. Then proceeds to light the candle next to it. Meeko, being out of her cage like an ADHD free range chicken, sees the candy heaven and makes a beeline for it. The breeze hit just right through the window and Meeko went up in flame! I looked over just in time to see the flame about 6 inches high, the Girl grabbing her and trying to put her out. Thankfully, it was only Meeko's hair that caught fire and there was no skin damage. And the Girl grabbed her before she lost too much hair. I'll tell you this though, the smell of her was horrid even after a bath. Poor baby.

Other than that heart stopping moment... I found this:
Yeah, the Girl left a class of water on the table next to my bed. Meeko McStinky decided she was thirsty. I'm sure you can figure the rest out. The only saving grace for my Girl is the fact that I can still make out the pattern. Grr.

All I can say is this... Please let Thursday be better than Wednesday!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Finish!!

I know I said it yesterday but, HAPPY EASTER!!!!

I'm still at Sister's. The kid's Easter baskets are sitting right here by me. I'm battling the urge to 5 finger discount some chocolate eggs... oh, the temptation is strong. Just say no.

I've been thinking about one of my new neighbors. She's an older gal who walks with a cane. I met her at the mailbox this past Friday. She was so cute. Maybe half the size of my Boy. She asked me if I was a student... I guess because I was wearing school apparel. I told her no and that I worked there. She said, "My, my... you don't look old enough to work there. You are going to age quite nicely, unlike me." I told her that I thought she was aging beautifully. To which she chuckled and went on her way. I rather enjoy the fact that the majority of my neighbors are older, retired folks.

Which reminds me... the older gentleman that sent me flowers for Mother's Day last year... remember I picked up his meds for him after his surgery, he got a little nuts. Was cornering me in the complex laundry room, leaving tomatoes on my porch in the middle of the night and what not. It started to set my nerves on edge. Thankfully, another neighbor helped intervene for me and he doesn't ask me out anymore. He's sweet and all, but I did not like his pursuit. We still chit chat and what not and he still shows up on the door step now and then to show me family photos, but nothing too crazy like before.

Anyhoo... Here's my quick finish for this wonderful morning:

I made the owl for my sweet Jilly Bean. I think it will suit her perfectly.
Alright, enough playing for now. I have a yummy, delicious menu to prepare. Remember what today is for.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quick Stitching

Hello to all of you lovely people out there in cyber space. I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Just finished this handsome Li'l Fella...

I think the crazy Miss K will enjoy him sitting on her office shelf watching over her plant baby. It's terribly difficult not to keep him for myself. The struggle is real.

Sister made it home from Elvis Town today. I'm packed and ready to go back to my haven, but find that I'm too lazy to drive. Plus, I hit my head on the car when I climbed in and made myself slightly stupid. Is it completely horrible that I decided to stay one more night for purely selfish reasons? I'm too loopy to drive,  Sister has internet and is making Easter Dinner... why go home now?

I realized today that I have yet to make a part 2 post in regards to my happiness project. I'll save that for later but let you in on a little secret... I cleaned out a closet and realized I had a stash of broken cell chargers. Really? Yes, sad I know. I felt infinitely free of the horde when I chunked it.

I also had another thought today. (Two in one day, right?!) I've been planning on writing a book since I was in high school. It's going to be called Squishy Bologna. Don't rub your eyes, you read that right. My brain is so full of mental notes that my hamster is working overtime to file them away. I really need to start writing them down. I'm not going to tell you what it's going to be about. I'm not ready for constructive criticism just yet.

Ok... I guess that's enough about nothing for the day.

Happy Easter to all of you... if you celebrate it. If you don't, then have a fabulous day!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Babysitting and Van Gogh

Sister went to visit the Parental Unit, so here I sit... with my 4 nephews, a niece and Cricket. They are all heathens, I tell you. I have told them everyday this week to make good choices and stay out of trouble. Do they? Noooo. If they have one more loud party before I get home work this week, the neighbors are going to call the cops. HAHA. It's not just the parties. They jump on my car and roll in the mud. That's not making good choices! I guess that in their case, it's business as usual.

Meet the family:

The heeler: Pepper Grinder
Don't let his sweet smile fool you. This boy will lounge on the back of the sofa and pull out your hair tie. On the flip side... he's very protective of the ladies. I can't go outside without him running the perimeter to make sure I am safe and then he never leaves my side. The neighbor man was over talking and I thought Pepper was going to take his arm off when he touched me while saying goodbye. He's guilty of jumping on my car and rolling in the mud.

The Rottweiler: Roscoe P. Coltrane aka Big' un
Lazy, good for nothing bum. Like a bull in a china shop. Guilty of jumping on my car and letting Pepper roll in the mud. Loves his little Cricket. (Notice I said his and not mine.) Also likes to lounge on the back of the sofa or in your lap... even being the size of a small pony. He eats 4x the amount the others do and then finishes theirs.

The Peek-a-poo: Mashed Tater aka Tater Bug
This is a sweet nephew. He loves to be picked up for hugs. I don't think I have ever seen a mischievous side to him. Ok, I retract that. He almost chewed one of Sister's dining room table legs completely off. LOL. It is my belief that Falkor, the white luck-dragon wasn't really a dragon, but a peek-a-poo. OR, maybe Mashed Tater isn't really a peek-a-poo but a white luck-dragon. The possibilities.
See... Falkor:

The Mutt (?): Colt 45
If he's not a mutt, I don't know what he is. And don't tell him I called him that. Can't hurt his feelings and make him think he's not loved. He's pretty new to the family so I don't know his personality yet. He's kind of standoffish but loves Tater.

AND... my niece: Sushi Cat
Poor girl was in a fight with a raccoon recently so she's looking a little rough. She thinks the grill makes a good bed. Also guilty of foot prints on the car windshield.

I have another niece and nephew but they are bipedal (lol) and on vacation with Sister.

There's never a dull moment when I'm with these kids. Poor Cricket can't get a moment of peace. The boys think she's a squeaky toy to roll and pick on.

Soo... Van Gogh.
Not the greatest pic but you get the drift. I really need to quit using natural light and my surface to take pics.

I guess it's weak sauce but that's all I could come up with for the day. I hope everyone out there in cyberspace is living the good life!