Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Busy, Busy Bee!

What a whirlwind... It would appear that tomorrow turned in to next week! I still forgot to take a recent pic of the Sunflowers. HOWEVER... the Boy and Girl stayed with their Father for a fish fry this past weekend. Instead of twiddling my thumbs with boredom from lack of rug rat amusement, I completed my weekend chores and stitched the remainder of my 3 day weekend.  You will not believe what I have accomplished!

First up... I finally framed The Guardian Angel for my lovely momma. (Mom... if you are reading this... avert your eyes and just hit scroll down for a few second!)
I'm totally thrilled! I just hope Mom doesn't cry when she finally sees it. I may have mentioned before, but this was my Aunt Trudy's absolute favorite picture. The Christmas after she passed, we all received ornaments dedicated to her depicting this picture. I just thought that this would be pretty for a year round sort of thing.

Moving on before my eyes start to run amuck... the Boy and Girl picked out several Christmas ornaments from Just Cross Stitch MAgazines Christmas editions from 2009-2011 years. I know we're only in spring, but I figured I might have a few finished for this Christmas.

I finally added the beads to this one. I've bought the ribbon to close it up with, just need to get it done.

The Boy picked out the Sock Monkey. I think he's too cute. It was a pain in my flat tush trying to find his mitten buttons. Thankfully, 1-2-3 Stitch had them on the site.

And finally... I finished stitching this cute little snow man on Sunday evening.

Let me just rant for a second... it's hard finding the trims and beads when you live in a somewhat small town. Our Hobby Lobby and Joann don't always have what I'm looking for. I get these ideas in my noggin and when I can't find the exact thing I start stomping my feet and screaming like a toddler in a temper tantrum... only in my mind of course... my exterior remains the cool and composed Southern Belle that I have morphed into. Hehehe.

Well... it's turned out to be quite a beautiful day here. I hope yours has as well... don't forget to stop for a second, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the sunshine! Toodles!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Where did April go?

Half of May is gone as well. It's mind boggling! I guess time really flies by when you are a busy gal.

I've been working on several WIPs in the last few weeks, but I'm only going to show you how far my sunflowers are at the present time because I'm adding a few other things in to this post. You know me... just wonky enough to skip around. :)

I'm so excited that the bottom half is complete! I think they are really starting to pop.

I actually finished my jewelry frame about a year ago... just never thought to post it. I have an armoire,  but I grew extremely tired of digging for matching earrings and my necklaces were over flowing. This frame is all of my over flow and hook earrings where I can easily find what I'm looking for. Brilliant, is it not? Just and old frame, some peg board and some paint.

My neighbor, an older cooky sort of fellow, had surgery to remove a gall stone last week. He knocked on my door the day of his surgery and asked if I could run pick up his Rx for him. Just handed me his debit card and pin number like he'd known me for years. Knowing he didn't have anyone else to do it for him, I put my real clothes back on, as I was in my jammies already at 8, and went to get it for him. Well, he surprised me last night by bringing me a plate of food and some Callas for Mother's Day. Very sweet of him, though in a selfish kind of way I hope he is not developing a major attachment as I am not really a sociable gal. I'm neighborly and like to say hi and help my neighbors, but I'm not the type to sit around and chit chat. I guess that makes me a completely horrid person.
But, I have to say, he lucked out on his choice of flowers because Callas are my favorite, right after orchids anyway.

I hope everyone's Monday is behaving! I'll give you a sneak peak of the other WIPS tomorrow! And to all the Mother's out there in their own little corner of the cyber world... HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY!