Friday, April 18, 2014

A frame and some paint...

Hello Sweet World!

Finding time to post this week had been non-existent until this very second. With Easter upon us, I have spent the last week planning Easter dinner and shopping. I sooo cannot wait to dig my fork into the food being prepared on Sunday. Good food makes me happy, happy, happy. LOL

I do have to say that I ended up framing Yoda's stitch. It took me forever to find a frame and even now I'm still unsure that I like it. Beware when frame shopping because even if it says it's a certain size... it still may not fit your stitch correctly. (Notice I said the frame may not fit your stitch instead of the other way around... Heaven knows our stitches are essentially perfect and all the worldly elements should bend to their specifications. Hehehe.)

Anyhoo, I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Yoda to step out of her office. I planted it square on her desk with a note that said "For Yoda, From Agent K, Just because." She squealed with delight and promptly passed it around the 3 departments that make up our office. Good for me stitch wise because now several ladies would like me to make something for them... I love stitching but what do I do with all of it once done? Give it away, I say.

So, here's Yoda's:

And in my true fashion of working backwards, the kiddos and I painted last weekend. The sun was shining and the weather was just right for a patio paint party. It was truly lovely. Thankfully it was before the plants started pollinating in full force and turning everything green. (The 4th season in NW GA.)
I painted the "Owl" LOL... so sad.

The Girl couldn't decide what to paint so she just started finger painting... looks a little like Mickey Mouse. LOL

And The Girl's little friend painted this one:

The Boy painted as well, but didn't complete his for a lack of white paint. Once he gets his done, I'll add it. We did have a grand time.

Well... I hope everyone has a most wonderful Easter weekend! Enjoy your family, friends, good food, lots of chocolate and don't forget to remember what Easter is all about!

Monday, April 7, 2014

She's Finished...

Ladies and Gentlemen, both from afar and near, it is with extreme delight that I now present to you on this not so fine and blissful rainy day, the completed Guardian Angel! She is from the Janlynn Praying Hands Collection.

I finally buckled down yesterday and back stitched for 8 hrs. Okay, not 8 straight hours due to stopping for laundry... so maybe closer to 6.5 hours. Blah... not to the stitching per say, but to the completion of chores. :)

Here she is....

I'm totally thrilled. Now I just need to get her dolled up in a frame.

As for this past Saturday, I know... I'm working in reverse... I did complete the lower left quad for my Sun Flowers.

I'm totally giddy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I've had another "bang your head on the wall" kind of day. Not literally, of course, because that would make me stupid.

It started early this morning when I was getting ready to leave for the office and felt a little funny under my jacket... a sudden realization hit me that I had failed to put my top on!

Reminds me of a year or two ago when I got to the office only to realize I had forgotten to put a bra on. HAHA!! Brain farts = great times!

The only thing I can think is that I skipped or added an extra step somewhere in my morning routine that threw off my entire balance... at least in leading up to forgetting my top. 

I did, however, remember to snap a pic of my Guardian Angel and Sun Flowers!

They are coming along quite nicely... other than the epic frog from this past weekend, LOL. Please try to ignore the enlarged stitch holes on the flower pot. :)

Other than that... I have been surfing thru everyone's blogs to see what's up... I have to say that all of the stitching and crafty stuff going on is simply AMAZING! This world may be full of nut jobs and horrible things, but there is beauty in it as well... such creativity just flows in leaps and bounds!

My words of advice before I go... check and double check that you are appropriately dressed when you leave the house!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Epic Frog

I've been slacking just a little bit in the last few weeks. Suffering from a slight kilter to my inspiration and motivation... or perhaps I'm just being a little melodramatic.

I did complete a quick stitch for my co-worker, Yoda. (Yoda she is, for lots she knows.) I LOVE Yoda. It took me about a year to come to the realization that she is completely fabulous... I just knew she hated me when I first started working in the office almost 8 yrs ago. HA! Anyhoo... she loves her kitties. I just need to find the inspiration to finish it. To stuff it or to frame it... that is the question. Any thoughts or ideas from the peanut gallery?

I'm down to the back stitching on my Guardian Angel... oh, how I despise back stitching. I meant to take a pic of her last night but suffered from a mental glitch. 

Speaking of mental glitch! I had a completely horrifying brain malfunction this past Sunday. I'm stitching a long, begging the Boy for a few more minutes before putting my stitching away and attempting to play Call of Duty with him on the PS3, when I realize I made it to the bottom row of the flower planter for my Sun Flowers and ended a row off! An epic frog of massive proportions! I have manipulated patterns before to make up for a missed stitch but this was an oh my goodness just wow moment. I spent the next hour ripping. Geez o peet, what a mess!

With that being said... I need to chase my Li'l Bro down... he just pulled off a figurative drive by at my office door... "Hi, Sis. Bye, Sis. I'm going fishing!"  

Take time to go fishing!!!