Monday, April 7, 2014

She's Finished...

Ladies and Gentlemen, both from afar and near, it is with extreme delight that I now present to you on this not so fine and blissful rainy day, the completed Guardian Angel! She is from the Janlynn Praying Hands Collection.

I finally buckled down yesterday and back stitched for 8 hrs. Okay, not 8 straight hours due to stopping for laundry... so maybe closer to 6.5 hours. Blah... not to the stitching per say, but to the completion of chores. :)

Here she is....

I'm totally thrilled. Now I just need to get her dolled up in a frame.

As for this past Saturday, I know... I'm working in reverse... I did complete the lower left quad for my Sun Flowers.

I'm totally giddy!


  1. Giddy is Good! Your Guardian Angel is gorgeous!!!! I actually have the same pattern somewhere in my stash. I love the fabric color you chose for her too. It sets off the colors much so that she glows! And your sunflowers...a girl after my own heart. LOL They are fabulous!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Michele! I almost lost patience with the Angel just because she has a lot of quarter stitches... be patient! LOL