Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Epic Frog

I've been slacking just a little bit in the last few weeks. Suffering from a slight kilter to my inspiration and motivation... or perhaps I'm just being a little melodramatic.

I did complete a quick stitch for my co-worker, Yoda. (Yoda she is, for lots she knows.) I LOVE Yoda. It took me about a year to come to the realization that she is completely fabulous... I just knew she hated me when I first started working in the office almost 8 yrs ago. HA! Anyhoo... she loves her kitties. I just need to find the inspiration to finish it. To stuff it or to frame it... that is the question. Any thoughts or ideas from the peanut gallery?

I'm down to the back stitching on my Guardian Angel... oh, how I despise back stitching. I meant to take a pic of her last night but suffered from a mental glitch. 

Speaking of mental glitch! I had a completely horrifying brain malfunction this past Sunday. I'm stitching a long, begging the Boy for a few more minutes before putting my stitching away and attempting to play Call of Duty with him on the PS3, when I realize I made it to the bottom row of the flower planter for my Sun Flowers and ended a row off! An epic frog of massive proportions! I have manipulated patterns before to make up for a missed stitch but this was an oh my goodness just wow moment. I spent the next hour ripping. Geez o peet, what a mess!

With that being said... I need to chase my Li'l Bro down... he just pulled off a figurative drive by at my office door... "Hi, Sis. Bye, Sis. I'm going fishing!"  

Take time to go fishing!!!


  1. I love the yarn ball on the Meow piece, it turned out cute.

  2. Such a cute design! Who is the designer? :)

    1. Miss Lilly, I guess it would've helped if I had included that information. It was a freebie pattern from Stitchy Kitty: http://www.stitchykitty.com/