Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Was there and back again... Elvistown that is.
Grandmother's service went perfectly. We laid her to rest wearing her tiara. She was beautiful.

Before the sadness with the passing of my Grandmother, I had the surprise of an afternoon off with some lady friends from work. What did we do? We went rummaging in the local antique shops!
I literally squealed out load when I came upon a vanity table. It was almost exactly like the one my Grandmother on my bio-dad's side had passed to my Aunt before my bio-dad passed it to me. Only this... after a while, he passed it to his girlfriend's daughter. I was most distraught. But lo and behold, I had just stumbled across one that could almost pass for my grandmothers!!! I couldn't believe it. This was the first one I had seen since my Grandmother's was given away. It was as if the clouds parted, the sun shown and the angels sang. I text my Momma and Daddy to make sure that it was a good deal. I wanted it to go home with me, but didn't have the funds for it at that point. You know how it is.... we have buyer's remorse and non-buyer's remorse... this was the non-buyer's to the extreme. I hated leaving it there.

So, Grandmother passed and I left town. Did I forget about it? HECK NO! Hahaha.

Did I buy it as soon as I made it home. Nope.

Last night I did receive a knock on the door... I opened it to see my L'il Brother... standing there with the vanity. I thought I was going to cry but suppressed it for his sake. HE was worried that I would miss the opportunity to get it myself. How freaking amazing is he?!?!

So... here it is...

It's mostly dove tail work... very little hardware. Just gotta clean it up a bit and find some antique drawer handles. I could jump up and down!

Other than that, I finally picked up stitching on my Gaurdian Angel again. She's coming along.

I hope all is well in your corner of the world!

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