Friday, March 27, 2015

Busy, Busy Bee

I've been submerged within March Madness. The month where I am out of the office all but 11 work days... I'm exhausted to say the least. There was even one point that I reached a level of stress so high that I would have rather yanked out my uterus, by hand, than continue on. Have no fear... my uterus is alive and well.

Made a trip to Elvis Town to visit with the Parental Unit. Had a blast working with Joe and the Baby Brother. Almost broke a toe kicking the G's mailbox while trying to replace it... brilliant I know, but I didn't have a hammer and it was nailed down from the inside! Now I can just say I broke a toe nail kicking a werewolf (Silver Polish).

Partied like a rock star for the Roadrunner welcome home. The boys won the NAIA National Championship. Aaaahhh... Beep! Beep! Good stuff!
Why yes, I did add googly eyes to Rage!

Other than that I send a big shout out to Mother Nature for finally getting back on her meds. Ok... maybe half a clap as it was in the 60's yesterday, and quite nice, and today I feel the need for a parka again. I think I'm more excited because I am a fair weather exerciser and it's finally warm enough to come out of hibernation. I need to get moving because I think my belly has started jiggling when I walk... not good... I'll never find my next ex-husband that way! (I've got jokes this morning!) I can't help but chuckle at myself as I remember Wednesday... eating a cupcake and thinking about starting my exercise routine... counter-productive and yet still slightly productive... Can I get an AMEN?!?!

Ok... enough rambling.. though I love to ramble...

I have been working with Van Gogh as much as I can squeeze him in. He's feeling very neglected and unloved at this point. The progress is slow but it's there... The tortoise won the race, right?

Well.. that was a fail. It would seem that I forgot to take a photo.  Here... have one from the last snow... I'll show off Van Gogh next time... so stayed tuned.