Cricket Antics

I absolutely love my mini dachshund, Cricket. Ok, I lie... my love for her is blotted with spots of make me pull my hair out crazy. She's definitely aggravating sometimes... when she's mad at me and throws beanie babies all over the house... I thank Heaven it wasn't my shoes.
She was the runt of her litter and fit in my coat pocket at 8 weeks old. She weighs less than 5lbs, but thinks she's a big dog and her Royal Highness. You would think I was killing her when I try to clip her nails... I have to pin her between my legs and hold her down.... such an ordeal! Truly, I'm going to be lost without her when her time comes to leave this world.

My sweet girl turns 9 this year. You can't really tell it in this picture, but her feet and face are starting to turn white.

Anyhoo...I decided to grace the web world with some of the things my four legged baby does...

Helping her Aunt Channy match socks:

Hunting... not just hunting... but trying to adopt the small critters she catches... the poor bunny! Cricket wanted to keep the bunny so bad that I couldn't just bury it in the field because she brought it back. I had to lock her inside, get in the car, drive a ways and then bury the bunny so that she wouldn't dig it up and bring it home again.

Interrupting my pushups... she thinks she should sit under me. The she sits on my belly while I do my situps/crunches. Crazy dog.

This may be more of my antic than hers, but I love dressing her up for Halloween. I take her trick or treating with the kids. It's great and she loves all the attention she gets.

I found it! Here she is with the little bird she brought me.... the poor thing. I found feathers all through the house before I found her. She's a good little hunter.

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