I thought to myself, "Self... you should post some photos just so random and awesome people can see just how crazy you are." To that I replied, "I accept that!" 
Don't judge unless you have a law degree.
Here you go...

1. For the love of aviators!!
2. You shouldn't get ideas from watching movies... bizarre things can happen!
3. My Girl summed me up pretty well:
4. For the love of 4-wheelers... Please ignore the awful helmet hair.
5. Being Miss Universe... hey, a girl can dream!
6. I can be a princess and eat corn on the bone!
7. Realizing I have lost a lot of weight since being a bridesmaid! Look at those chunky cheeks!
8. I ALWAYS cheat when playing pool!
9. Drinking the vodka will make you dance like a lunatic... take my word for it!
10. Rebelling with a tattoo...
 11. Just another selfie in the car... why so serious?
 12. Preparation for Halloween with the freaks... maybe an oldie, but a goodie!

13. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun... Just remember to do it where no one knows your name! Gatty works perfectly... fast cars, good music, deck parties.

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