Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moose is Life!

What does that even mean?! There's always a variety of scribble scrabble on my desk calendar. On any given day you'll see "Hey Giiiirl!", "What's up?", "Skipper Rules" or various other do-dads and swirly-gigs. But, I have to say "Moose is Life!" is a new one on me.

Ive been not-so-patiently working on Starry Night. I do believe I have almost made it to the other side!

It won't be long before I am chopping all that extra fabric away. YAY! I think I mentioned not being 94 when I put the finished piece away and leave this world in my sleep... however, I am now thinking I may not win the battle over becoming cross eyed. I know, drama at it's best.  :)  At least I am smiling about it.

Speaking of smiling... Precious has proven me wrong once again. I, yes me with very little assistance from my brother, dropped the gas tank and replaced the fuel pump and then fuel filter. When all was said and done I kicked her in the tire and screamed "Who's my b!$ch, now?!?!" Precious purred like a kitten... until she didn't the next morning when she died. I guess it was her way of putting me back in my place, LOL. Five new codes. It's official. I AM THE JOB OF CARS! What did I do? First thing was order an O2 sensor and scream bloody hell. Then, I text my Daddy. (Are you surprised?) I mentioned the issues, the likeness to Job, and then told him I was trying to keep the faith and not order an RPG off the black market. (As if I really would.) Daddy's response? "I'm not worried about you ordering off the black market... b!$ch be taking all your money. Word." It's a good thing he can help me laugh through the invisible tears. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to make millions off my own flugelbinder idea... in a perfect world.

Someone please tell me that you're living the high life on a yacht somewhere. It would be nice to know in order to live vicariously through you.

Keep it real, peeps.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day Dreaming and Starry Night

They go hand in hand, right?

As promised, I started back on Starry Night over this past weekend. Decided I better just buckle down to complete the next 40K stitches because I have another big project sitting in the wings. Wink wink. But, here it is so far:

I wanted to get more stitched, but the boy and I helped haul 180 bales of hay on Saturday. Then Sunday I was down to Macon for a conference.

I returned home yesterday to find that Meeko had Houdinied (Is that a real word? If not, pretend it is.) herself out of her cage. This meant that my apt was in shambles as she cleared the end table, dumped Cricket's water bowl and left land mines by the front door and in the bathroom. It would seem that I keep getting roped into babysitting, lol. (The girl is now on a two week trip to Wyoming.) This Yeti certainly does love her Meeko though.

As for day dreaming.... weeeeellllll... if you ladies don't know who Brock O'hurn is.... you need to cyber meet him. I'm not sure about his character/demeanor but he is definitely pretty to look at.
Mr. Man Bun himself...

You're welcome.
You know, it should be completely illegal for a man to have prettier hair than a woman. Totally not fair.

And then I asked myself... is he prettier than the character of Jon Snow??? (Played by Kit Harrington) Oh, the dilemma!

I may be pushing 37 27, but I am definitely not blind to God's creations.

And then... the daydreaming was shattered in an instant when I was called with a notification for an audit... bahaha. Don't worry, I'm not complaining about it, though it does raise my hackles a tad bit. I actually love being audited. I have been in my position for 7 years and not once have there ever been any findings on my work. I think it makes the auditors crazy, lol. This will be the time for my OCD perfectionist flaws to shine like rock stars!

Ok, I'm rambling. My bad.

Peace, Love and Happiness my peeps!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

What it is, Yo?!

Home safe and sound after a debacle of a trip to Elvis Town. My 4 day weekend turned into 10 days. It's not like this workaholic didn't have plenty of vacation, but I did not want to use the time being stranded due to transmission failure and then the mechanic frying my electric board. (As a side note, Scotty needs to be fired because he never did approve my request to be beamed to the beach.) Now... my fuel pump is acting up. Would someone like a free rain cloud? It's been hovering over my head for almost 2 decades. On the brighter side, I've learned to laugh through my tears.

Moving on...

The kids and I did end up having some fun with my parents and grandparents. Grandaddy turned 80 so we had his party. And he totally enjoyed hanging out with my Boy:

Daddy took us to the deck on top of the Pyramid:

The Girl let Meeko play outside. She decided she liked picking up hitch hikers. Have you ever nit picked a ferret? Great times, I tell you. We ended up having to hold her by the scruff so she'd chill out.

I finished another Christmas ornament and started back on Starry Night. Isn't it just too cute?!

AND... chopped about 8 inched off my hair: Can you tell I was extremely excited by the Mona Lisa smile? My shampoo/conditioner bill should be cut in half!

A couple more things before I disappear from cyber space for the day:
1. Someone needs to put a stop to the plethora of coffee consumption studies. They're giving me whiplash! Yesterday the amount of my coffee consumption was healthy for my heart, today it's caused me to have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. I just want to scream out "you're killing me, smalls!"
2. Refining your skills for mischief is a must. Not doing so just turns your mischief into extremely bad behavior. Please tell me that you know the difference...
3. Don't be so serious... if you can't laugh at yourself, message me... I'll laugh at you and teach you how. 

All right peeps... keep it golden!