Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day Dreaming and Starry Night

They go hand in hand, right?

As promised, I started back on Starry Night over this past weekend. Decided I better just buckle down to complete the next 40K stitches because I have another big project sitting in the wings. Wink wink. But, here it is so far:

I wanted to get more stitched, but the boy and I helped haul 180 bales of hay on Saturday. Then Sunday I was down to Macon for a conference.

I returned home yesterday to find that Meeko had Houdinied (Is that a real word? If not, pretend it is.) herself out of her cage. This meant that my apt was in shambles as she cleared the end table, dumped Cricket's water bowl and left land mines by the front door and in the bathroom. It would seem that I keep getting roped into babysitting, lol. (The girl is now on a two week trip to Wyoming.) This Yeti certainly does love her Meeko though.

As for day dreaming.... weeeeellllll... if you ladies don't know who Brock O'hurn is.... you need to cyber meet him. I'm not sure about his character/demeanor but he is definitely pretty to look at.
Mr. Man Bun himself...

You're welcome.
You know, it should be completely illegal for a man to have prettier hair than a woman. Totally not fair.

And then I asked myself... is he prettier than the character of Jon Snow??? (Played by Kit Harrington) Oh, the dilemma!

I may be pushing 37 27, but I am definitely not blind to God's creations.

And then... the daydreaming was shattered in an instant when I was called with a notification for an audit... bahaha. Don't worry, I'm not complaining about it, though it does raise my hackles a tad bit. I actually love being audited. I have been in my position for 7 years and not once have there ever been any findings on my work. I think it makes the auditors crazy, lol. This will be the time for my OCD perfectionist flaws to shine like rock stars!

Ok, I'm rambling. My bad.

Peace, Love and Happiness my peeps!

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