Friday, January 31, 2014

I survived the Great Snowmageddon!

Ha. I cracked myself up, truly.

You may have seen that the South received about 2 inches of snow. Then completely iced over. It started snowing here Tuesday about 0900. I left my office at 1130. Slid right on out of my parking lot. Almost hit a tee-niney sports car in my apartment complex drive. And almost hit the two that park on either side of me.... while driving at a slow crawl at that. (It doesn't help that we all park on a hill.) I'm not from the South! I can drive in "real snow"! This was nuts...

So... I have been stuck until today. The drive was one big ice rink. What did I do? Laundry, scrubbed my oven clean and stitched. I stitched until I thought I would go blind. Fabulous, really.

I worked on my Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble until I ran out of thread. I chided myself when I ran out... I mean who in their right mind starts a stitch, all in one color might I add, without having enough thread to complete it? I proudly, and with a devilish grin, raise my hand and shout "I DO!!!!" To which I also say "tsk, tsk, naughty, naughty..." I'm almost half way done though...

Once I ran out of my 552 purple thread, I worked on my flowers... I actually started it over a week ago... To the possibility of your dismay... I don't have all of the colors for this one as of yet. LOL. However, the lower left quad is completed... ok... completed as much as I can complete thus far. (Don't judge.)
Also, you should know that my morning cup of coffee is not complete without my Jack Skelington mug... and you may not be able to see it very well, but the Magic 8 Ball is used quite often as a difficult decision making tool... either by yours truly or my students.

So.... you may ask... "Besides stitching and cleaning, what else did you do, Trina?" To which I would reply with a chuckle... "I stitched some more!" What can I say... I live life completely on the edge... always careful not to fall off into the bottomless, boredom abyss. Anyhoo... I started my Guardian Angel. This one I stitch in memory of my Aunt Trudy. She passed away from GIST cancer at the ripe old age of 41 about 10 yrs ago. I remind myself that if I can make it past that age life is gravy.
Well... before I fare thee well, I wanted to show you a couple of my "snow" pics. I absolutely love my holly tree... just not the berries tracked into my apartment. Little Cricket had a blast, though! She would have stayed out all day if I had let her... I just feared her becoming a Cricket Pop. How would you defrost a dog? Blow dryer I presume. LOL... ok maybe not so funny.

For today:
Drink some nice hot cocoa... because I said so... stay warm... 
and remember... "should've" is a stick we beat ourselves with... just do as you will and there will be no regrets... not making a decision is still making a decision.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, Monday

My Monday started Sunday.

Let's see...
There's a germ fest going on in my sinuses... thank Heaven for DayQuil.
I managed to burn two of my shirts while ironing last night... how does that even happen?
I scuffed the toe of my patent leather shoes on the concrete steps to my office this morning... was I sleep walking to not pick up my feet? Geez-o-peet.
Insomnia is getting the better of me. I took a sleep aid last night about 0930.... midnite comes... 0100 comes... what am I doing awake?.... playing the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air on loop in my mind. (I've got to fire the hamster operating the inner workings of my brain... she's slipping.)
Then to top it off.... I forgot my cord... so no photos of my stitching today. Grrrr.

I hope everyone is having a better Monday than I am!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog



I'm Trina. Welcome to my little spot within the cyber-universe.I know I'm a little early on posting for GYB, but I was a little too excited to wait. 

I have been stitching since I was in the 4th grade... somewhere around 20 years perhaps. It's crazy to think it's been that long. My lovely mother is responsible... she bought some cross stitch ornaments for me to make my 4th grade teachers for Christmas. I picked it up and have been doing it ever since. It's definitely a way for me to relax when I am discombobulated. I can get lost in a pattern and all of my negative thoughts just flow right on out the window. I love it to say the least.

I have two children... 1 girl, Cobi Lynn, and 1 boy, Gage Egan. I will typically refer to them as "the Girl" or "the Boy" on my blog. They are my pride and joy... my greatest accomplishments in life thus far. I am also pet parent to Cricket. My 4-legged child is almost 9 and more mischievous than both of my human children combined.

The title of my blog may give the impression that I rant and rave. Aside from the sometimes off the wall thoughts and ideas, I try to keep it well within the limits of what is expected from a true, transplanted Southern Belle. My, my, my... I think I am suffering from the vapors and am in need of my hand fan and a cold glass of co-cola. Maybe that was a little over dramatic... seeing as it's maybe 20 degrees outsides. Unfortunately, I don't blend into the South very well at all times. I don't drink sweet tea... only un-sweet. And, I don't particularly care for grits... pass the cream of wheat.

Wow... I think I digressed just a little. 

Before I leave you, I wanted to show you the little pillow ornament I made for my dear friend,  Miss Sherry. I was sooo proud of myself for keeping it a secret from her until I had her close her eyes and open her hands this morning. I found the pattern on Stitchy Kitty... and it was free. We like free, don't we?

It's almost too cute!

Well... I'm glad you dropped by! Have a wonderfully, lovely day or evening!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Woo Hoo!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our first finish for 2014!

My Haunted Hotel is complete. Now, I just need to find a frame and then add it to my Halloween decor stash. I'm so proud of myself. January isn't even over and I have completed something! 

Now I just need to figure out what to work on next.

Don't forget... Today is National Hug Day in the US.
Give someone a hug! Or two, or three!

Friday, January 17, 2014

The dog's name was not B!&#h...


Here I am... rock'n like a hurricane...
Just kidding.

Before I share my stitching progress, I thought I would tell you a little story about a dating misadventure. In all honesty, I actually rather enjoyed it... the one we will call "Blue Panties Guy" on the other hand... maybe he did, maybe he didn't.

A little back ground info: I went on one date with him a couple of years ago. That's all it took for me to realize how much of a nut job he was.... or maybe how much of a nut job I am. He called his lovely little four legged friend Goof. Well, the entire time we were out on our so called date, he kept calling me Goof. I asked him nicely not to do so. I asked him firmly not to do so. He just kept on and on. So.. I looked him square in the eye, told him that if he didn't stop calling me goof we were going to the nearest store, buying him a pair of panties and every time he acted like an @ss he would have to put them on as punishment. What does he do? HE CALLS ME GOOF! So, we drove to WalMart. I led him to the ladies under garment section and made him pick out his own pair. After explaining to him the different cuts and styles he opted for a pair of light blue lace cheekies. Not too shabby.... they were actually rather cute. At least he had good taste in something. After the shopping trip was successfully complete, he kissed me and asked when he could see me again. All I could say was "we'll see."

The very next day... He voluntarily sends me a text with a picture of him wearing the blue panties. OMG!!!! I thought I was going to die! Yup... that was the end of him.

So what do I do? I call my momma, of course!
I told her to sit down and then relayed the events of my so called date. She's laughing hysterically and says you have to tell your Dad! Dad gets on the phone and asks why he's sitting down and mom is in hysterics. I said brace yourself and relayed the information. There's silence. Then he says, "Was the dog'd name B!&#h?!?!" To which I replied as sweetly and innocently as possible, "No, Daddy!" He said, "Well, I guess I really should buy you a riding crop for Christmas!" and busted out laughing.

It was one of the most completely, crazy, nonsensical things I have ever in my life done. So completely fabulous!


My 1st new project for this year is Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble. It was designed by Tracy Horner. I found it in the Just CrossStitch Magazine for Halloween.

Tracy actually stitched her's on purple cloth with clack tread. I opted for the opposite.

Then, I have been working on one of my UFOs. I started this last summer and never finished it. My stitching is almost done and then I need to add the bead work.
It is from the Buttons and Beads Autumn Series by Mill Hill. I love that is has glow in the dark thread. So much fun!

I know this post has been rather lengthy so I will close with this.
Today I saved a feathered friend from his/her ultimate demise. The little thing flew into my office building. I found it after shock had set in. It was barely clinging to the top of the office door and it's poor little head was tilted and eyes closed.
I ended up setting it on the ground under a bush for cover because it wasn't strong enough to stay in the tree... I caught it as it fell from the limb I sat it on. I went to check on the poor thing after about an hour. It was gone. I'm hoping the shock wore off and it flew away rather than think one of the campus cats ate it.

Hope all is well with your day!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Royal Title

I love my Daddy. He is partially responsible for where I get my crazy from. It's not genetic. No, this is more nurture than nature for when he married my mother he gained 3 children. It's true that we had a rough start, but now we can't live without him. Anyways, I asked him for one thing this past Christmas and he provided a royal decree:

Once upon a time in a land far away, a King and his Queen had two lovely daughters. 

This isn't a story of that family.

No, this is a more recent story of a scion of a landed Southern family who through the course of a series of events transitioned into a wealth of experiences and happy times granted to him by, among others, two princesses disguised as slightly odd teenagers. As this Son of the South grew in his "wisehoodedness" (for he was singles out by many of his peers for his "wisehoodedness") he also aged to the point that the slightly odd teenagers developed into slightly anomalous adults. It was during the dark days of maturation as the anomalous adults, sisters by both blood and situations, battled their own battles and defeated their own demons simultaneously transmogrifying into rather peculiar adults. It was when these peculiar adults surveyed the damages inflicted by them in defense of themselves and saw that it was good that they truly became Princesses ordained by the Oracle. Not the wussy princesses of the Brothers Grimm variety, oh no! These two illustrious illustrations of Women of Massive Determination are more analogous to the mode of Warrior Princesses. (It's their Mother's side of the family... genetics... what a book I could write!)

Thus and therefore it is officially decreed by the undersigned (and 'cause Momma said I could) that these two Princesses, respectful of the Laws of Nature and with a tip of the Crown to the slight difference in age and build, receive Tiaras at this special time, signifying the vast importance they have in the heart and eyes of said undersigned Son of the South guy who, again, is noted for his "wisehoodedness".

And there you have it!

On another note... I've been working on my new stitch... it's looking fabulous! Pictures to come soon.

Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

I'm happy and sad to see 2013 fall into  a forever sleep. It was definitely a roller coaster ride.

I've learned many things...

My brother is invaluable: he taught me to change the power steering pump, brakes and starter on my SUV. Of course I have always known he is one of the most fabulous people I know.
Patience is still a virtue I am in desperate need of mastering.
I rather enjoy teaching at the higher education level... this coming from me, whom had to give her speeches in communications class standing beside a trash can just in case I had to toss my cookies while talking in front of a group of people.
I am not a floor to be walked on and it's ok to say no.

I have many hopes for 2014...

Complete many of my UFOs for starters... I am like a kid in a candy store... I just can't wait to start new cross stitch projects before I have finished others.
Paint more.
Maybe take the time to get to know more people... I get overwhelmed meeting new people. Many have said that I seem like such an extrovert because I have to travel some for work, and now having taught a semester, but it's because I control my environment. Throw me into unfamiliar territory and I shut down.
I will try harder to let go of past hurts.... it's bringing me down.
Expand my blog with a party hosted by 2 Bags Full. You can join here:

My suggestions to you for 2014:
Enjoy the simple things in life...

That first cup of coffee in the mornings that keep your homicidal side at bay.... remember that prison stripes do not flatter anyone.
Exercise a little extra patience.... some people can't help that they have fallen from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.
Be spontaneous... spontaneity is the exquisite freedom of the unexpected... embrace it.
Appreciate others... as the Butthole Surfers say: you never know just how you look through other peoples eyes.
Dance barefoot in the rain... once it gets warmer anyways... it's AMAZING!!!