Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

I'm happy and sad to see 2013 fall into  a forever sleep. It was definitely a roller coaster ride.

I've learned many things...

My brother is invaluable: he taught me to change the power steering pump, brakes and starter on my SUV. Of course I have always known he is one of the most fabulous people I know.
Patience is still a virtue I am in desperate need of mastering.
I rather enjoy teaching at the higher education level... this coming from me, whom had to give her speeches in communications class standing beside a trash can just in case I had to toss my cookies while talking in front of a group of people.
I am not a floor to be walked on and it's ok to say no.

I have many hopes for 2014...

Complete many of my UFOs for starters... I am like a kid in a candy store... I just can't wait to start new cross stitch projects before I have finished others.
Paint more.
Maybe take the time to get to know more people... I get overwhelmed meeting new people. Many have said that I seem like such an extrovert because I have to travel some for work, and now having taught a semester, but it's because I control my environment. Throw me into unfamiliar territory and I shut down.
I will try harder to let go of past hurts.... it's bringing me down.
Expand my blog with a party hosted by 2 Bags Full. You can join here:

My suggestions to you for 2014:
Enjoy the simple things in life...

That first cup of coffee in the mornings that keep your homicidal side at bay.... remember that prison stripes do not flatter anyone.
Exercise a little extra patience.... some people can't help that they have fallen from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.
Be spontaneous... spontaneity is the exquisite freedom of the unexpected... embrace it.
Appreciate others... as the Butthole Surfers say: you never know just how you look through other peoples eyes.
Dance barefoot in the rain... once it gets warmer anyways... it's AMAZING!!!

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