Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sugar High

Gotta have it to get by!

It's a yearly tradition for me and Sister. If we don't, we fear a lynching mob... baseball bats and pitch forks. Ok, maybe not really but there would definitely be a protest.

This  years' labor of love lasted almost 14.5 hrs. Why do we do it? We believe that yummy delicious home made goodies hit the invisible special spot in the stomach that triggers an abundance of love, and maybe it's just that we are fat kids who love our sugar high.

Here's the final tally:
4lbs of spiced pecans
2lbs of chocolate covered potato chips
1lb chocolate covered pretzels
1 batch of divinity that unfortunately turned out more like taffy
9 dozen Santa Surprises
9 dozen reindeer feet
8 dozen snicker doodles
6 dozen chocolate dipped peppermint sticks
5 dozen biscochitos
2 pumpkin pies

I almost want to sing the list to the 12 Days of Christmas!

In all actuality, our "baking day" is a family fun filled day. We blast the cheesy Christmas music, we let the kids help, and of course I drink a pot of coffee. It's fabulous.
Here's a few reminders for your Holiday Season:
Love your family
Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger... family and friends don't count
Hug your dog
and finally,


  1. And by "pot of coffee" do you mean "bottle of rum?"

    1. No sir... I was out of rum... had to drink the coffee.