Thursday, December 5, 2013

Catching Up

Life is full of surprises. Especially when it comes to fun family dysfunctions.
No, we're not completely dysfunctional. The Parental Unit came down to my neck of the woods before we all hitched up the wagon train for the yearly Thanksgiving get together in Elvis Town. My Sister, Momma and I went to indulge at the Chocolate Therapy Café. Woooow.... that place was AMAZING!
Momma rode with me to Elvis Town and the Little People rode with their Pappy. Pappy somehow became lost along the way... it was great... what's a road trip without a little misdirection?
The week in Elvis Town was not with out it's ups and downs. The ups... my painting is being refurbished... yay!... I was able to wear my ring... only when I'm with G.... It was explained to me that being half tanked is the only way to get through Holidays with family... yes... I was pointed to the wine cabinet... it was great! The downs were pretty down... Momma came to the realization of how serious G's health situation really is. We're still awaiting to see if her treatments are working. If so, we may have more than 2yrs with her... if not... well, let's just say an sort of incident may be the last.
Momma and I had some decompression time in the form of retail therapy... maybe that would be considered a high. I had to ask Momma's forgiveness more than once for saying something off the wall and horrifying the random stranger. No colorful verbiage was not used. I'll give you a for instance: Mom and I went in a package store for a bottle of wine, a gentleman asked if he could help me, I responded with "I don't normally support my Mother's alcoholic delinquency but I am in dire need of getting her drunk, show me to the biggest bottle of whiskey you have, no, I don't want tequila... my mom will start taking her clothes off"... to which I knew I was in trouble because my Mother called out all 4 of my names. I cross my heart... my Mother really is not an alcoholic, the bottle of wine was for 4 adults... that's counting me... I was pretending to be an adult that evening. I know, it was hard to tell.
Another high/low... my service engine light came on. Momma bought the O2 sensor for me. We took my car back to Gunk's and my Li'l Cousin climbed under my car to help me fix it. He had to take it apart because I wasn't strong enough, but I put it back together. Not too shabby.
On the way home, I hit the exit ramp to grab the kids a sandwich from Subway... the Boy had a hankering for his "delicious delicacy", lol. Anyways, there was a traveler and his puppy asking for help at the top of the ramp. I don't help people unless I get the goose bumps, which at first I didn't. My Boy said "Mom, he needs to eat too." Hence the goose bumps. We grabbed him a sandwich and a Gatorade, drove back and he was gone. I had to drive down a ways to turn around and get back on the highway. Lo and behold, when I turned around he had re-appeared! So, I had to cross over the bridge and turn around yet again to pull up next to him on the bridge. I looked my Boy directly in the eye and told him to listen good to my directives: He was instructed to make sure his door was locked, he was remain with his seatbelt securely fastened and he was required to keep his window rolled up some and not all the way down. I received a firm "Yes, mam." What can I say... I'm a single Mom traveling with two children.... safety is paramount, even when helping people. Needless to say, the drop went off  without a hitch, I apologized to the man in case he didn't like ham and cheese and wished him Happy Holidays, to which he said the same with an added "God bless you and your children." The Boy of mine was just happy that the man and his puppy would eat. The Girl was happy they man and his puppy would eat, but happier that the man didn't try to snatch her brother through the car window, LOL. I know, it's really not a laughing matter, but honestly, had he done that I'd have feared for his safety and not my Boy's once I had gotten ahold of him. No one messes with this Mother Bear's cubs.
I think all of my students missed me. This week has been crazy playing catch up and seeing the students who don't think I should be allowed to leave my office for more than a lunch hour. HAHA.
I also came back to find out that I'm going to be a Grand-Plant-Yeti!!!!! My Calypso, an orchid, is sprouting meristem twins!!!!! Don't laugh at me, but I did the happy dance after researching to see what the heck was going on with Calypso. Let me insert the reason why I say Yeti... my nickname growing up was Big Foot. Well, I wanted my future Grandchildren to call me something different that Grams, Grandmother, Granny... those names just aren't me, and I thought that I didn't want them to call me Big Foot either... so Yeti popped in my mind and my Hamster thought "YES!!!!" So, it's stuck. Anyways... look at Calypso:
 I think it's fabulous because I have never had an orchid produce babies before. Don't the babies look a little like Shrek ears? LOL
Anyways... I have now completed 15 ornaments for my Christmas Calendar project! It may not be completely put together this Christmas, but it will be operational!!!

I hope everyone's Holiday Season has started off with a bang.
Be thankful for what you have.
Do a random act of kindness for a random person... someone you don't know... but be safe about it... I'm not the only crazy person out there... and 99% of the others are crazier than me.


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