Wednesday, April 15, 2015

F-Bomb Wednesday

Usually my Mondays are all jacked up. Not this week. Wednesday is the day that I need an EASY button for. I probably would have hit it at least a dozen times by lunch. Don't worry, the word only slipped past my lips once, the rest of the time my brain mouth filter caught it. So while I heard it, no one else did. My mom can finally say that those expensive debutante classes payed off in at least one way. I jest. Mom never put me through classes, she just whacked me upside the head with whatever she could find handy. Ok, truly, I fibbed again. The correct form of punishment would have been Samantha or Endora, I can't remember which belonged to Mom and which belonged to my Grandma. Either way... if one or the other told you go to fetch Samantha or Endora, you were already crying because you knew a wooden spoon was getting ready to connect with your tush. Haha.
Since I rambled on about punishment, I'll spare you the details for my lousy attitude.

Moving on... jelly beans = yum!

I have been working on Starry Night quite a bit lately. It's actually starting to look like something other than a haze of color.

Last weekend was good. I went to visit my 4-legged foster kids and help out with some work. I thought I was going to be in the barn, so I went without sunscreen. Big, BIG mistake. I ended up landscaping. My back is currently nuclear glow in the dark red. This week has been miserable clothing wise. Every shirt, hanging in my closet, with a tag has become my mortal enemy. And forget the loofah in the shower. I guess we all know that I will be dieing of skin cancer. Mental note made to stock up on SPF Vampire.

I feel like I am forgetting something. Way un-cool. Oh well. What can you do.


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