Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meeko is a Creeper

McStinky has been staying with me for a bit. I let her out to play in the bathroom while I was in the shower. There I am shampooing my long locks of dark brown and silver, look down and who do I see... Meeko McStinky watching my every move from around the shower curtain. Bahaha. I wish I could have taken a picture, but come on now... that would have been inappropriate. I tell you what, for those creepers and demented blog stalkers out there who need therapy, I'll do you a favor. Stop imagining and just look...
Yup... muffin top and baby belly. Now move on.

I have managed to snap a few amusing photos of Meeko.

Playing in my shoes...

Stealing Cricket's bunny...

Sleeping in my coat sleeve...

Still sleeping... (But this oneis fabulous!)

Trying to get my Cheez-its! No worries, I took the bag out of the box and just let her play with the box.

While sorting through photos, I did find one more of Roscoe P Coltrane that I wanted to share:

He's such a crack head!

Anyways, There was something else I was going to tell you... Oh! The Girl and I missed having a big prom fiasco by the hair on my Granny's chinny chin chin. We found out she was going to prom on Thursday with prom being Saturday. Ugh. Her date brought her by the office Friday night. We went to the shoe store, found nothing, we went to pick up the dress 30 minutes away. She had two dresses that she borrowed, but wanted to wear the white one. We went to pick up The Boy and she tried on the white dress. It was a no go b/c her tata's were too big. So black it was going to be. (Thank goodness we didn't buy white shoes!) So, we go to the mall, find nothing, go to Waffle House and eat like pigs, and then go back to the first shoe store. The Girl starts getting huffy and puffy. She claims she's not going. Now, I've just driven over 45 miles going back and forth so I get a little irritated to say the least and tell her that she's going in a very quiet, you're in big trouble, mom kind of voice with that evil eye. The Girl then claims that she will wear her combat boots with her gown. I THINK NOT! That hit my last nerve, and over something as trivial as boots. So, what do I do? I yelled out in the store that I have just driven all over hell and half of GA and she was not leaving that f-bomb store until she found a pair of shoes. I mean really, we still had to pick up hair, nail and makeup supplies and it was already pushing past 9pm... my bedtime, need I say more. LOL. So, a little old lady stops top talk to me . She says "hell and half of GA, huh?!" I said "Yes, ma'am. I apologize if I have offended you but she's threatening to wear her combat boots with her gown." She pats me on the arm and says "I'm so sorry, dear," and walks away. HAHAHA. Thankfully, at that moment in time, I turned around and there was a pair of shoes in The Girl's size and to her specifications! Hallelujah! I think the little old lady was an Angel. We finally got everything situated and the Girl went to prom and had a blast. I hope she knows how much I truly love her.

On an ending note... Van Gogh is coming along. I'm about half way done with the bottom left corner. Go me!!!

Well... I'm off to finish my 4th cup of coffee for the day. Please pray for my sanity as it has been quite another day. Thank goodness it's Friday Eve!

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