Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Finish!!

I know I said it yesterday but, HAPPY EASTER!!!!

I'm still at Sister's. The kid's Easter baskets are sitting right here by me. I'm battling the urge to 5 finger discount some chocolate eggs... oh, the temptation is strong. Just say no.

I've been thinking about one of my new neighbors. She's an older gal who walks with a cane. I met her at the mailbox this past Friday. She was so cute. Maybe half the size of my Boy. She asked me if I was a student... I guess because I was wearing school apparel. I told her no and that I worked there. She said, "My, my... you don't look old enough to work there. You are going to age quite nicely, unlike me." I told her that I thought she was aging beautifully. To which she chuckled and went on her way. I rather enjoy the fact that the majority of my neighbors are older, retired folks.

Which reminds me... the older gentleman that sent me flowers for Mother's Day last year... remember I picked up his meds for him after his surgery, he got a little nuts. Was cornering me in the complex laundry room, leaving tomatoes on my porch in the middle of the night and what not. It started to set my nerves on edge. Thankfully, another neighbor helped intervene for me and he doesn't ask me out anymore. He's sweet and all, but I did not like his pursuit. We still chit chat and what not and he still shows up on the door step now and then to show me family photos, but nothing too crazy like before.

Anyhoo... Here's my quick finish for this wonderful morning:

I made the owl for my sweet Jilly Bean. I think it will suit her perfectly.
Alright, enough playing for now. I have a yummy, delicious menu to prepare. Remember what today is for.

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  1. Your own stitched piece is really cute and is sure to please your Jill.