Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's the brakes & a Van Gogh Update

Saturday, oh blessed Saturday. Joe and I worked on 3 vehicles. Replaced the adjustable cam arms on the Pumpkin.

Checked the brakes on Precious, my Saturn, and they were practically brand new.
And finally replaced the brakes on his F150.
 Meet Bam Bam, LOL... HE can help get the job done!
 Yup, he needed them. Good thing Joe's Guardian Angel watches over him.

I love helping Joe b/c I learn something new, he let's me do some of the work (the kind that I can't screw up), and I get to play with power tools! It makes me happy! See the Mona Lisa smile?

As for Van Gogh, I FINALLY have all of the colors I need to complete Starry Night. I ended up finding the last 5 colors at a store in another town. Because I had to make the drive, I stocked up. Especially since driving the interstate in Precious still freaks me out. I'm not used to being so small, and until now, I have never seen the underside of an 18 wheeler trailer. I find it a bit nerve wracking. Yet, at the same time I'm wondering if I'm small enough to do some drifting beneath them. Have no fear, I'm not stupid enough.

(Rambling again)

Speaking of stupid...

Enter the deet-da-dee moment. I'm trying to find the 3rd color to the "b" on my chart. As I've said before, my color legend was in black and white. (Or that's what I tricked myself into believing.) Here I am flipping through the pages of the chart and I see pg 2 and then pg 4. Ok, one more time. Pg 2 and then pg 4. Adrenaline starts pumping... how the heck did I lose pg 3?! One more time... pg 2 and Hallelujah!... pg 3 was stuck to pg 2 like it had E6000 on it. AND NOT JUST THAT!!!! Low and behold there was my color legend printed in color! Geez-o-peet! A bulb flashed in the back of my mind to 4 or so years ago when I bought the pattern. I brought it to work to show Miss Sherry. We made her a copy to take home and see if she had some of the colors I was missing. Evidently, I stuck the legend within the pattern pages... to keep it safe... and conveniently forgot I had the darn thing. I seriously screamed when I found it because, well because, I made myself believe for all these years that I didn't have it. Watch your brains, lovelies, because I think they can play tricks on you without you even realizing it! I'm such a dork sometimes. Truely.
Anyhoo... here's what I have done so far...
Slowly but surely. And who knows, maybe I won't be ninety when I finish it now.


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