Thursday, October 9, 2014

Scrambled Days

I know... it's been a day or two since I last posted.

I completely lost my gumption. Not just in the stitching department, but in everything related to life.

The trek back to "happiness" has been a long and arduous journey... at least it feels as though I have climbed Mt. Everest when I know I only hit a small hill in Appalachia.

My students are working on a happiness project in class. I have found that teaching them has helped me to open my eyes and mind to things I needed to take control/let go of. I'm constantly reminding myself to take a step back and breathe. My happiness project is a work in progress as it seems to keep expanding. I will give you details bit by bit, but not today.

 With that being said, I am happy to report that I feel my balance returning.

I did finish my Sunflower project!!! Woot Woot. I estimate that it took me 9 months and roughly 64,000 stitches. Now I just need to decide on a frame and she will be hanging gloriously on a wall.

I have also become the Yeti to The Girl's 4-legged fuzzy baby. Meet the newest member of the family: Meeko McStinky the Wonder Ferret...
Isn't he the cutest! He and Cricket just play and play. They are way too funny to watch.
Meeko is also a little nosey. He kept trying to take my scissors and marker... at least when he wasn't nibbling on my toes.
 Here he is trying to climb into my ORTS jar. He did his best, but gave up AFTER he dumped it completely out.

I think he will need a link titled "Meeko Mischief" placed besides the "Cricket Antics".

And just because Cricket doesn't want Meeko to receive all the attention, here she is.... the day she turned 9. It's hard to believe she's turning into an old gal. Seems like just yesterday she was small enough to fit in my coat pocket.

Before I go, I just need to say that I was saddened by the passing of SoCal Debbie. I only knew her by way of cyberspace, but I will miss her. Sending lots of hugs, light and prayers to her family and friends.
Be thankful for the time you have with your friends and family. The days may be long, but the years are short.


  1. I'm so glad you're back on the road to happiness...I think we've all been down the opposite way at one time or another, and it's not fun trying to locate the way back out. I'm pretty sure those four-legged friends have provided some smiles along your route. Happy to see you back - XOXO

  2. My 4-legged babies bring me a lot of comfort and joy. Especially when The Boy and Girl are absent from my presence. Sometimes it just feels like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back lol. But, we just keep swimming!