Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just say NO...

You need to virtually meet Brynn... Without a photo I would describe her as a firecracker. She quirky and giggly and definitely keeps you on your toes. I also need to add in that she's COMPLETELY amazing!!! I told her parents that I wanted to adopt her and they kind of just giggled and tried to pass of her siblings. No thank you, LOL.
So... today has been one of those overcast and everything brings you down kind of days. I just want to ditch teaching class tonite, turn off my cell, snuggle up with Cricket and watch a movie. Too bad there's not an easy button for that.
Anyhoo... The lovely Brynn asked me if I wanted to share her peanut butter M&Ms. Uhm... NO! You should have seen the look of horrified shock on her face! Can we say priceless?!?!?!
There's a story behind that. And you say... "Of course there is, Trina!"
Once upon a time, many moons ago, Trina and her sister, Channy, decided to make cookies. After much debate... sugar, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip... the two, not so bright teenagers decided upon peanut butter cookies. Oh, those peanut butter cookies were sooo amazingly delicious! Before you could blink an eye, the sisters ate the ENTIRE batch... 3 dozen cookies.
Because those cookies were sooo yummy, the sisters decided to make another batch. BUT! This time, the cookies never made it to the oven. You read that correctly... those two girls ate the ENTIRE next batch RAW out of the bowl.
You'd think that would have been enough. Oh, no. They then decided to eat the remainder of the peanut butter out of the jar.
Let me tell you... Trina was soooo sick that she tossed all of her cookies back up ALL NIGHT!
Just the smell of peanut butter for almost a decade made her bow to the porcelain goddess. It was some kind of horrible to say the very least. Now, Trina believes that Peanut Butter is the Devil. LOL.

Before I go, I finally remembered to bring that forgotten mini-stitch to the office. Take a look at the little Pop Dog I made for the lovely Brynn...
It's the cutest!
And remember... It's not a great idea to binge eat peanut butter!

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