Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting There

I took a vacation from stitching in the past few weeks. I had just reached a point of severe burn out. So what did I do? I read 10 books in 3 weeks. Part of filling that unpainted canvas in life is coloring it in with new knowledge or expanding the imagination. Especially when someone, such as myself, does not watch TV. I just can't see myself making like a potato and holding the couch down to the floor all day.

Just this weekend, I started stitching on my Sun flowers again. Three of the 4 quads are now finished. Go me! Maybe I'll be able to pick up gusto and finish it soon.

Van Gogh is still screaming at me to work on Starry Night but I just keep telling him to zip it... that's really putting it mildly b/c his voice encourages my mouth to open and toss out buckets of profanity. The pattern is just too aggravating b/c some of the symbols are used for multiple colors and the chart is in black and white. I guess I just need to kick my intuition into over drive and tackle it.  Worse case scenario... lots of frogs and rippits.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. Keep it real and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


  1. I must admit I'm in much the same mood with my sewing at the moment ,very motivationally challenged.

    1. There's comfort in knowing we're not alone in our challenges! LOL