Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Feeling Accomplished

Hiya, Peeps!

I totally have some updates for you...

 Two more pages stitched on Spirit of the Wild! It's definitely coming along nicely...
 (There's that Magic 8 Ball... it's the perfect weight for holding things down and answering questions at the same time.)
This now makes 118,674 stitches. Go me.

I was naughty last night. HAD to make a run for thread. I mean, that's what you do when you run out, right? Weeellll... while I was browsing for - cough, cough - just thread, I may or may not have browsed for some fabric for another project. I figured, why not? I'm conveniently shopping in the store. LOL

So, last night I started a new WIP: Lavendar & Lace -  Santa of the Forest. It will look like this - If my stitching is worth a darn:

And... here's what I stitched last night...
Now that I see it uploaded, I think I resembles the little brown poop emoji. Oh my. I guess I better add some stitches to it this evening.

I actually started tackling some of the boxes stored in my attic. Did anyone besides myself suffer from the expenses of the Ty Beanie Baby rush of the late 90s? Please, please, please tell me that I am not the only one. I found one of the large boxes and decided to move the beanies out of the plastic bag and cardboard box into a plastic storage tub. Cricket of course went completely nuts. I'm telling you, it was a battle of wills. She wanted all - I mean all 124 - to keep for herself. Many years ago, I kept them in a wicker basket in my living room and when Cricket would get mad at me, she would throw ALL of the beanies through the house... I'm telling you, that 4 legged child of mine is something else. Anyways, I finally got her to leave them alone long enough to snap a photo, but as you can see she's doing her best to be a good girl.  She was shaking so bad with excitement over the beanies that she was losing hair. My poor old girl. (BTW... she turns 11 next week)
*I still have more than these boxed in the attic

Other than that... 4th of July is coming up for those of us in my part of the world. I'll be hitching up to that wagon train and heading for Elvis Town with the kinder vermin and sibs. Please send us some love, light and prayers or whatever you want for whatever you believe in. The one half of my parental unit that is stage 4 has now been given 2 to 4 months... as of 2 weeks ago. I can't believe I just typed that - it still feels surreal. Anyhoo... we will all be there to party hard and and let our inner pyromaniacs run free with fireworks.

Here's your PSA for the day... Heed the words of your Taco Bell Hot Sauce... Call your Mom.

I hope you are enjoying your day!



  1. Wow, look at that detail in your HaED. Seriously beautiful!

  2. Beautiful progress im sorry about your parental unit.