Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Home, Sweet Home

I made it back! FINALLY.
The extra $$ just wasn't worth the exhaustion towards the end of my contract. I mean, driving almost 700 miles plus working 60-70 hrs a week is enough to run anyone into the ground.

I've managed to stitch a bit this past weekend, but I forgot to snap a pic. I'll make sure to make that happen shortly. Let's blame it on the exhaustion... mental and physical.

In the mean time, meet one of my chicken nieces... I'm pretty sure this one is Penny. (Joe will correct me if I am wrong, lol)

Joe's chickens were raised by hand and like to be loved on and sit in your lap. Pretty fabulous.


Here is your PSA for the day:

The North American Hemisphere has entered it's warmer months. Things that crawl, slither and go bump in the night have started moving about. Watch the roads for those kamikaze squirrels and moving deer. ABOVE ALL ELSE... STOP FOR TURTLES!!! They are a vital part of our ecosystem.
Besides, how would you like to be ran over on your way home from work?? Just saying. 

Isn't the little snapper cute?

Enjoy your afternoon, lovelies!!