Friday, November 13, 2015

Just Stuff

Crazy times once again.

Wearing a tight pencil skirt and heels in Wally World = evasive maneuvering game with creeper = I win. You know how it is... you're rocking life, strutting your stuff, picking up forks and plates on lunch break for cake, smiling at people and them smiling back just because you've got it going on that day and then... WHAM! Somebody's gotta slow your roll and freak you the hell out. It wasn't one of those times when you know someone looks at you or you look at them and think - wow, God turned you into a masterpiece and I can appreciate that. This dude was the totally creepy, I'm going to throw you in my trunk wrapped in plastic bubble wrap and duct tape, give you the heebie geebie goose bump gotta go shave your legs again and puke kind of guy. He was standing around every corner I turned, just grinning like the Cheshire Cat. That's ok though... this girl's got some skills once she hits that button for stealth mode.

Enter PSA for the day... Girl's, if you're not wearing control top panty hose... you're just doing it all wrong.

Baby Girl had her first experience with cosmetic surgery yesterday. Since she was my smallest preemie at 2lb 2oz, she was on a C-pap until she could breathe on her own. She went in to what was supposed to be a 4 hr surgery to correct her deviated septum... we knew she would probably need the surgery for a long while now. However, the C-pap had caused more trauma than we knew. The surgery ended up taking 4 hrs longer than expected. The Dr. broke the nasal bones at her forehead and corrected them, he broke another bone that was growing into her sinus cavity and removed it, broke her cheeks bones and corrected them, straightened her septum and used cartilage from her ear to correct the shape of her nose. I am happy to say that my Girl can properly breathe now. The Dr. is thrilled with the results and says she's going to be famous. LOL. Frankly, I'm hoping she looks more like me, now that her bridge is skinnier, than her Father. She has a long recovery... maybe a year to fully heal... and I just hope her baby step-sister doesn't hit her in the face.

I started working on my next big stitch. No pictures of it as of yet. But, I have finished a few little ornies:

And... Snoopy for my Stud Muffin. (Yup, he's still around.)

Life is good, Peeps!



  1. Aww poor puppy. Sounds like a great doc though! Lovely stitching and yay stealth moves! Creepers are the worst.

  2. So sorry your little one had to go through this surgery but I am glad that the results were what was hoped for and that she will heal quickly. Poor baby. I will pray for a speedy recovery.