Monday, October 19, 2015

Another One Down...

Finished another Christmas ornament weekend before last. I think it was the only thing I worked on, well besides laundry... obviously can't go to work naked!

I think it turned out rather cute despite the fact that I closed it up totally crooked. I figured I'm not perfect... a little wonky actually... so I'm not ripping it. My prerogative, right? LOL

Still have yet to buy the material for my next big project. Procrastination at it's best.

Worked on Precious again yesterday. The lug nuts to your car wheels are not supposed to look like this:
Just a little raunchy, right? Had issues knocking the wheel bearings out as they kept coming out in chunks. The fabulous brother of mine is taking them to a shop for me. What would I ever do without him? I don't know where he gets the patience to walk me through this stuff. Free hands on training!

Other than that, I'm keeping the 4-legged foster kids this week. Was out feeding horses at 5:30 this morning and just had to stop. I totally forgot how beautiful the stars are when you can actually see them. The things you miss when living in town and not on the farm.

Hope all is well with everyone wherever you are!



  1. Congrats it looks great! Our little mess ups are just adding flavor ;). I'm definitely a country girl if I could never see city again I'd be totally okay with it

  2. LOL... added flavor... I like it!