Monday, February 24, 2014

She's Baaack...

Sup, Buttercup?

Finally took my first "real vacation" in almost 3 yrs. My parental unit spoiled the kids and me last week. Ski resort, indoor water park, museum, spa day, movies... the works. It was AMAZING to say the least.

My little cricket was stuck to me like glue after being gone for the week. She told me it was fun at my Sister's house, but she missed me sooo terribly and wondered where I was. I couldn't even shower without her sticking her nose in the curtain... I guess she thought I might sneak down the drain and leave her behind again. I guess that's what happens when you're a pet parent.

I did stitch a little bit yesterday evening on my Guardian Angel. She's coming along quite nicely.

Mother Nature is still acting bi-polar. Yesterday we had a high of 70... I was wearing flops for goodness sake. Today I heard we're supposed to get more snow Wednesday night. We're up, we're down. She's giving me whiplash.

Well... I hope everyone is doing well!

A little note of encouragement for you before I go:

Later, Tater!

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