Saturday, February 8, 2014

Road Trip...

No stitching this week... just no time.
I worked out of town on Tuesday.
Wednesday, my Sister and I drove southbound for an over night road trip... we went to see our Little Brother graduate. Stopped in ATL to surprise a Bestie at work... great fun. Passed a billboard that said "Do something EXTRAORDINARY"... hmmm... what to do?
We couldn't check into our hotel until Momma and daddy showed up.... so we toured the local cemetery. I know I do that a lot. I find it to be peaceful. Anyhoo... we straightened the flowers on graves as we walked the rows and read them aloud. Something kind of extraordinary until I had a brain to mouth filter malfunction.... I came across one and said "she's fresh." My Sisters jaw just dropped... oops.
We stayed up with Momma until 0300... not too bright but great fun... what can I say... wine was involved, lol. Got to see our Grandparents and Uncle Sackeojimbo from Elvis Town. Graduation was fabulous! So proud of Little Brother.
Ended up do something else kind of extraordinary... we went to housing and picked up some of the other kids. Little Brother had 2 of them in his truck and Sister and I took the bags because of rain chances... picked up another who rode in our car a few exits up the road. This was almost 1730 and we had to have them at the airport in less than an hr and a half.
We made it! We also dared anyone to say anything to us when we parked to let them out at the curb... these guys and gal deserve preferential treatment. 15 bags and a couple of hugs later... we had two headed home to Washington State and one headed home to Michigan. My only hope is that one day... if my children are in their situation... someone will be kind enough to help them. If this makes any sense to you .... some strangers are family in the type of world my bio family lives in... we have to take care of each other.


  1. I find cemeteries peaceful too. Not creepy at all.

    It was kind of you to help those "kids" out.

  2. I'm glad someone sees some of the world through my eyes, Tisha!

  3. Sounds like you really did some extraordinary things. Love that you take time to straighten the flowers on the graves and read them. What a wonderful thing to do for the kids. They will carry that with them.

    1. Thanks, Toni. Cemeteries are one of my favorite places. And maybe, just maybe... the kids will forward it on.