Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For the LOVE of Spanish Moss and Halloween stitching...

It's been a crazy few weeks full of house/pet sitting and a trip to south GA. The road trip proved to be exciting and frustrating all wrapped in one. I whole heatedly believe that colorful verbiage has it's uses during specific times and at certain places. With that being said, I am not ashamed to admit that during rush hour traffic I suffered from severe diarrhea of the mouth; buckets full. No worries, though, I am happy to report that there were no minors riding in the vehicular unit. Other than that, I am way too excited for the familial wagon train road trip to Elvis Town for Thanksgiving. Beale Street.... here I come!

Random thought for the day.... Am I completely bonkers to think that saying "I LOVE Spanish Moss" is a complete understatement? It's completely fabulous! This photo was taken down on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. (Please do not start singing to Alan Jackson.)

I have completed some stitches for Halloween this year. (Pat myself on the back.) I just haven't figured out how to finish them as of yet. I guess since this Halloween is now in the past, I can put them off for a while in order to channel my creativity.

Speaking of creativity, or lack there of... I have yet to finish my Christmas calendar. Miss Sherry keeps reminding me to "get 'er done", and with all good intentions I plan on working on the stinking project, but then get home just in time to ignore it. HAHA. Ok, not so funny. I have to finish it this year. IT WILL NOT TAKE ME 5 YEARS TO COMPLETE!!!! (I just keep repeating that in my head. Unfortunately it hasn't created a permanent neural pathway as of yet.)

Before I go... my Boy came into the room the other night while I was stitching and asked me what I was doing. Once I replied, I asked him if he would like to. After all, I was younger than him when I started. He proceeds to answer with, "Heck no! That is completely boring and I don't understand why you would do it!"  So, I told him to go on with his bad self. I kid you not... not even 10 minutes went by before he was back in my room and digging through my stash to find some material and thread. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "Well, I'm already bored so maybe it won't be so bad to stitch." That's my Boy!!! So, he stitched his own little stitch. Then he proceeded to snip all my snips into a ball of... well... mush. I think it's his new amusement.
 *** Yes, I do love my Boy. He chooses to dress like I don't love him on the weekends. I cross my heart and hope to die that he has non-holey jeans and collared shirts for school.

Keep it real.


  1. I love it that your boy stitched! Maybe I can convince him to finish the Christmas project (just kidding)! I KNOW you will be done this year!!!!! I love the Spanish Moss too. My son says he has no clue why I would like the stuff. Glad you found your stitching mojo.

  2. And you totally forgot to mention the hours you spent organizing your thread!