Thursday, November 7, 2013

A guaranteed epic failure of massive proprotions:

Here I sit.
Two of the many hats I wear are teacher and student. Before I left last week for South GA, I concluded the class I was teaching. I took up all the final exams and hit the road with screeching tires. It was quite an accomplishment!
Here's where the failure comes in to play. I missed two of my psychology classes while I was on vacation. Well, it is human development, we're on the chapters about teenagers, and I figured that I have one so it can't be too hard. Am I wrong? I already know that they suffer from adolescent egocentricism, what else is there to know?! 
Anyhoo... I returned to class this past Tuesday night, just in time to find out that exam 3 for this semester is tonight! Holy cow batman! (Only that was not what I was saying... insert the buckets full of vocal diarrhea... f-bomb included.)

I had not read the chapters. I didn't take my text book with me on vacation. I had not even started on the extra credit.
I had intended to start on my assignment yesterday while in my office. Did I? No. I piddled around.
At home, I did complete all but two of the questions in my assignment. I know, I left two... hey! It took me 3 hours just to get the first 6 complete!
So... here I am, day of the exam, scrambling. I have a photo shoot at 2, a dentist appointment at 3 and the exam at 6. So.... for you lucky people in other parts of the world that are behind my EST... raise your glasses and drink one up to me for my epic failure.... at at the very least, lift a prayer up on my behalf because though I suffer from OCD tendencies, I can be a complete slacker!  Fingers crossed I can pull a rabbit out of one of my many hats and at least bull shit my way through this one!
Don't forget to breathe!

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  1. I knew you could do it! Extra credit finished and an A on the test. Well done!