Monday, July 8, 2013

Flip Flopping...

I have been debating on changing my name. I kept my married name after the divorce mainly because my babies were still young. My girl may have understood, but not sure about my boy. I divorced when he was going into 1st grade.  I think they will better understand now that it has been a few years. 
I think I also need it for more of a degree of seperation from the hurt and dissapointment. Yes, we get a long much better now, but why should I keep the reminder that I was thrown by the wayside? Or the reminder that I didn't matter?
Geez-o-peet... it sure was convenient. Do I really want to deal with the paperwork hassle? What if I decided to renew my passport? They'll want a copy of my birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers and all that fun stuff. Yikes!
I suppose it will be worth it though.

On another note... I've been too lazy to stitch.
I have begun picking peppers and tomatoes. The watermelons are the size of soft balls and the cucumbers are going crazy!

Gotta love it!!!!

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