Friday, February 5, 2016

Page 6

Here you go Ladies and Gents... the up to date photo of my H&E design...

So far it is 59,808 stitches. I've broken 1 needle - massive amazon man hands - and I'm on my 3rd highlighter. This will be the biggest project I have stitched yet. Move over Van Gogh... Spirit of the Wild is the new kid in town. Did you hear The Good, the Bad and the Ugly playing just now? Or was it just me? (Ear worms, man.)

Speaking of music... If you haven't heard the Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence cover by Disturbed... YOU NEED TO!!! Just GOOGLE it. You're welcome.

Ok, kids. Love you. Bye.


  1. I just watched it was amazing!

  2. It's looking beautiful! And yes, Disturbed's version is awesome!