Friday, September 11, 2015

Where did those come from???

Hey, Peeps!

Sorry for the hiatus. Hit another rough patch on the road I have been traveling. Made an unexpected trip to Elvis Town... one half of my parental unit is a stage 4. Extremely exhausting week there.

The girl that I call daughter turns 17 tomorrow. How'd that happen?

Turned my self into a fried turnip changing the brakes on Precious. Darn car is going to turn me gray headed faster than the kinder vermin. LOL She broke down on me in Elvis Town... again. I refuse to let her beat me, though.

Today, I thought of someone lost to me. I shouldn't minimize the impact, for he may have been small in stature but he was big in personality and the world lost a treasure. I knew he was troubled and gave him my cell for any time day or night calls. I'd met his beautiful daughter. We laughed a lot. He called one evening but I was busy and couldn't talk long. He OD'd that night. I couldn't bring myself to attend his funeral. I still have yet to visit his grave. I pretty much did what I do and suppressed the trauma into a small black box on the shelf in an ever expanding library. I want to go. I can't go alone though. It's been 3 yrs now. Call me a coward for not going, but his passing nearly broke me. How'd I miss the signs?

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff. I bet you're wondering where the original question came from...
I was bent over blow drying my hair this morning (don't you?) and noticed that I have started developing old lady knees!!! When did that happen? Is there such a thing as a knee lift? It's not funny, but it kinda is because then in my shock and appall I flipped my hair back over to stand up and hit my head on the bathroom door. I mean, really?!

Well, in all of this random mumbo jumbo I have made some progress. So much so that I am only lacking about 4500 more stitches to complete Starry Night!!! Take a gander...

Some words of advice before I set you free on your own path:
Find the beauty in the everyday monotony. I know it's tough, but if I can do it so can you.
Enjoy the simple things... it's coming up on pumpkin spice season in this hemisphere... fall is grand.
Take the time to grieve... putting it off can suck some of the life right out of you. If you are facing some challenges at this point in time then I am sending you love, light, hugs and prayers... consider it a silent request met.

As for today... Never Forget...


  1. So sorry for the bumps. I know the entirety of your parental unit means a great deal to you.
    Starry Night really is coming along nicely.

  2. I'm sorry for the bumps you're experiencing in your road right now. I hope things get better. Starry night looks great :). Sending you good thoughts.

  3. Thank you, Heather! I hope you are doing well!