Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Keikis have names!

Everyone already knows that I name my plants. And everyone already knows that I've had my orchid, Calypso, for quite some time. I feared that she would never bounce back from being sunburned in the car because the keikis stopped growing. I resigned myself that is was time to pot the keikis and let Calypso go. Lo and behold, Calypso had a spot of new growth. I think the pitch to my shriek of excitement was high enough that the dogs started barking and the windows cracked. LOL.  Excited, I was.
She still looks rough, but now there's hope she will recover. Especially since the kids have been weened, LOL.

As for the keikis... I almost went old school and named them Laverne and Shirley... hahaha. Upon second thought, I decided that since their mother's name represented a bad@ss... they needed to be named via the same fashion. Say hello to Arwen and Ygritte...
All comfy in their new space.

As for Starry Night: it's coming along quite nicely. The top right corner has been found. YAY! Progress! That's what happens when you spend the holiday weekend stitching it up to a Harry Potter marathon. So close and yet so far.

Still driving Precious without an O2 sensor. I went to three different places last Friday. One was closed. Went to ask a friend for help, but he wasn't at work. So his co-worker said to pull into the bay and he'd help. At that point the Manager said no just as my car was being jacked up. Really? I should've just kept my mouth shut when I was told my friend wasn't there. So what if they were a tire shop... they have a jack and tools, right?! So, the Manager told me to go to a place just down the road. I get there, run in, and the guy tells me they are covered up with work and it would be next week. REALLY!!! Their shop had 3 bays... that were all EMPTY!  Buckets and buckets of profanity started sloshing around in my not-so-ladylike brain at that point, but I was a good girl, said thank you and left. You know, it would take all of a few minutes for a brute of a man to unscrew my O2 sensor. I would have done it but I'm just not strong enough. Grrr. 

It's the stuff life is made of that makes it interesting... failures, triumphs, blessings and @ssholes.

Mini rant over.


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